Baseball Jersey…Swiiiing bada bada bada

Saawwwwwwinggg bada bada bada swiiiiiing…. On a recent business trip to the U.S of A I picked myself up a baseball jersey and being a twin I thought it was fitting to get… Continue reading

Take 1…action

Video has been around for as long as I remember but the boom of YouTube, video integration into websites and furthermore; social media, has meant video is as important as ever in positioning… Continue reading


I recently visited Boston on a work trip and was taken aback by the history and feeling of the place, here are some of my snaps. What struck me was how enriched with… Continue reading

GoPro or Go Home

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now but things have been hectic, that’s just an obvious excuse for being lazy really isn’t it? GoPro cameras have fascinated me from day… Continue reading

Strudel, Dumplings and motorbikes!?

On a recent trip to Prague in the Czech Republic visiting my girlfriends family I managed to steal some time and popped into the National Technical Museum…they have an awesome collection of early… Continue reading

Agencies…Facebook is coming, beware

I was reading an article by Business Insider about the rise of Facebook advertising, in 2012 Zuckerberg’s world dominating platform served in excess of $4.3bn ads and with a 2013 predicted $5.5bn it’s… Continue reading

Take one…snap

Bigger and Better The change in facebook’s newsfeed got me thinking about content and my own content strategy at work. Is 2013 all about imagery and video, I think so. The integration of… Continue reading

Service with a smile

After reading The Thankyou Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk (awesome read by the way) I’ve become increasingly aware of customer service or should I say the lack of it that I experience on a… Continue reading

Entrepreneurs – Born or Made?

Born or made I recently watched a TED talk by Cameron Herold called “Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs”. It was totally enlightening and really got me thinking around the whole debate as… Continue reading

Saw it on the Vine

I’m a bit late to the Vine party with regards to writing about it however I have been playing around with it for over a week now and I am officially addicted! I… Continue reading