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The Outsiders – Driftworks

I don’t know how I missed this, I’ve become increasingly more into Japanese cars and Japanese car culture, one of which is drifting…this is a must see movie and out of my own… Continue reading

The Longest Walk – 3000 Mile Walk Through China

Ever wondered what you’d look like after a 3000 mile walk through China? No neither have I but this is crazy, fascinating and inspiring! Bravo to you sir!

ObscuraVision “Ten Years Later” Pharrell Williams • Highsnobiety

ObscuraVision “Ten Years Later” Pharrell Williams • Highsnobiety. Pharrell is the boss, there is no doubt about it that this man is a talent that I look up to. To celebrate the launch… Continue reading

First foray into the vimeo world

I’ve been wanting to get into DSLR video for a while now. Being the man behind the lens of my lady’s fashion blog has taught me a lot about how photography and cameras… Continue reading

“Damned is the man that abandons himself” – The Conditioned

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho’s story is a touching reminder that everybody has a story and a dream. Homeless for 35 years and known throughout Sao Paolo for inhabiting “the island” writing poetry all day,… Continue reading

East Los – Trailer

This little mini Youtube series from Vans about the backyard punk rock scene in East LA is a great insight to a movement capturing the attention of California. They come from all over… Continue reading

California x Instagram = Want

I know it’s a promotional video for Instagram but you can’t hide from the fact that the Californian scenery is truly epic, there are not many places on earth with such a diverse… Continue reading

Film Friday Vol 12 – Surfboard maker

Surfboard shaping is an art form and this portrait captures the passion and thinking that goes into making a board brilliantly.

Film Friday Vol 8 – Urban Outlaw

I have been posting a film on Friday for the past 8 weeks now and I’ve been saving this one! It’s a belter and safe to say this is one of my favourite… Continue reading

Film Friday Vol 6 – BMW 2002

The classic BMW is something that never gets old. It’s one I want in my warehouse of a classic car garage when I’ve earned my millions…