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Challenging the conventional

I have a real intrigue for all things hand made. The craft, passion, creativity and soul that goes into something is inspiring. Makers are challenging the way we look at mass produced goods,… Continue reading

“Damned is the man that abandons himself” – The Conditioned

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho’s story is a touching reminder that everybody has a story and a dream. Homeless for 35 years and known throughout Sao Paolo for inhabiting “the island” writing poetry all day,… Continue reading

Top tips for a content marketing strategy

Consumers simply don’t just want to consume products anymore, they want to feel part of something bigger, something affiliated to their lifestyle their personal expression. Redbull are a great example of content marketing,… Continue reading

Film Friday Vol 7 The Detroit Bus Company

For any budding entrepreneurs out there this is simply brilliant…

Since 66 – Vans

It’s not strictly Film Friday but I’m having one of those weeks where it’ll be nice if it was..I have a cool schedule of stuff to do over the weekend, hurry up!! Anyway…I’ve… Continue reading

Film Friday vol 2 – Crazy Cranberries

Cranberries from Alex Horner on Vimeo. This is one sick video. It’s such an interesting blend between cultures you learn about how cranberries are harvested whilst watching Redbull riders Brian Grubb and Ben… Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto V

Oh my who isn’t excited about the imminent release of GTAV, I definitely am and it’s only made more by the sneak peeks they have released throughout the production. The digital world has… Continue reading

Agencies…Facebook is coming, beware

I was reading an article by Business Insider about the rise of Facebook advertising, in 2012 Zuckerberg’s world dominating platform served in excess of $4.3bn ads and with a 2013 predicted $5.5bn it’s… Continue reading

Take one…snap

Bigger and Better The change in facebook’s newsfeed got me thinking about content and my own content strategy at work. Is 2013 all about imagery and video, I think so. The integration of… Continue reading

Service with a smile

After reading The Thankyou Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk (awesome read by the way) I’ve become increasingly aware of customer service or should I say the lack of it that I experience on a… Continue reading